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December 2015




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Wonder never left my side

But she found a place to hide

From time to time surprising me

In the laughter of a child

In the feeling in the air

In the countenance of others

‘Till I glanced upon a face like mine

And once again, Wonder felt smothered

But that was many years ago

I haven’t seen her for ages

She put up with me for quite some time

Through the depression and the rages

Sometimes I think about Wonder

How she’s doing. Where she’s been.

I’ve often thought, “Did we really meet?”

“An imaginary friend?”

Wonder had a friend who goes by the name, “Magic”

Though Magic made herself so scarce

When visited by Tragic

Tragic was never invited

He usually showed up unannounced

He always hung around too long

And laughed even when denounced

Magic always set the table

Back when I was a child

And invited all her friends to come

Beauty made sure the room was styled

They always threw parties for Wonder

Wonder loved a good surprise

Especially many years ago

When she saw through younger eyes

Plenty made sure everyone could come

Though scarcity was left off the list

Scarcity is the party pooper

Slapping Plenty on the wrist

I’ll never forget the full house those nights

The music and the fare

The laughter and the playfulness

All the important ones were there.

Hilarity grabbed attention and did what he did best

While Time sat in the corner, content to take a rest

Frivolity sometimes got a stare,

But had something they admired

Generosity passed out gifts

Of that she never tired

All the kids in the neighborhood

Were invited to Wonder’s celebrations

And adults would peek their heads in

In a curious flirtation

The last time I saw Wonder

She was heading off to sea

On a ship called, “Broken Promises”

She didn’t even wave at me

The ship was loaded with Heavy Baggage

And other faces I recognized

So many of Wonder’s friends stuck with her

I shouldn’t be surprised

Somehow I think she was taken captive

She went against her will.

But I didn’t fight for her that day.

That feeling haunts me still.

Sometimes I think of calling up Hope.

I hear she’s still in town.

They say she knows where Wonder went.

And knows how to track her down.

I’ve heard stories that Wonder sometimes comes back

From far across the sea

I’m praying this will be that year

She comes back to visit me


By John Voelz

December 2015

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