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I am a husband, father, grandfather, writer, artist, and songwriter/musician. I assemble and share much of my work and my thoughts here at

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I married my high school sweetheart, Tahni in July of 1987. We have three children (Karysa, Connor, and Kasidy), one son-in-law (Charlie), one daughter-in-law (Brenna) and four grandchildren (Clara, Betsy, Edison, and Kolbe).


I’ve published two books with Abingdon Press entitled, Quirky Leadership: Permission Granted (2013) and Follow You Follow Me: Why Social Networking is Essential to Ministry (2012). My self-published titles include King Me: Accepting a Royal Invitation to a Co-Written Life, and Broken Record: Enjoying the Music of Relationship Through the Hisses, Pops, and Scratches. I’ve self-published other books available at Amazon.


I’m a musician for hire. Whether you need music for your coffee shop or brewery, your upcoming wedding, a private party, or you want to surprise someone with a birthday song at their place of work . . . I’m your man.

Email me at for current rates.

I’ve written and recorded numerous albums. While I write mostly in the acoustic vein, my favorite album I’ve recorded is a bit more power-pop/rock sounding. It’s called Vertizontal. In 2010, I was commissioned by authors Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola to write the song It’s Jesus as a theme song for their book, Jesus Manifesto. The song is featured on their iPhone app and the book’s website. This honor is a life highlight for me. If you want a good sampling, check out my album Best of Then and Now. I regularly play music in coffee shops, pubs, backyards, wineries, and campgrounds. You can download a lot of my music at


Both Tahni and I graduated from Nevada Union High School in the historic town of Grass Valley in the “Gold Country” of California. I have degrees in both Bible and Theology as well as Communication/Public Address from Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. Every once in a while I pretend to go back to school and pick up a class here and there—usually in the communication department.